Union City Food Truck Events Canceled Due to Low Attendance

The Tuesday events at Logan raised more than $6,000 for the Measure H campaign and more than $3,000 for the high school choir and boosters association.

Local fans of the Food Truck Mafia’s biweekly gatherings in Union City will have to head to Fremont to get their fix — for now. 

The Tuesday gatherings at James Logan High School have been postponed for the rest of the fall and winter seasons due to a combination of poor weather and low attendance, organizers said. The last event was held Tuesday, Oct. 30. 

Thursday gatherings at Union Landing were cancelled in late August, also because of low attendance, said April Bibbins of the Food Truck Mafia. 

The community was becoming “oversaturated,” she said.

Food truck gatherings became a national trend in recent years. In the Bay Area, events such as Off the Grid and Movable Feast draw hundreds to larger cities like San Francisco and San Jose.

The Food Truck Mafia was the first event company to bring such events to the Tri-City area, starting with Union City Street Eats at Union Landing in summer 2011. The events were a hit initially and spread throughout the region.

Hoping to capitalize on the fad, the Food Truck Mafia teamed up with the New Haven Teachers Association for “Logan High Street Eats” on Tuesdays starting in March.

A percentage of the profits from the Tuesday events was given to the NHTA for Measure H, which became a topic of debate on Union City Patch.

According to Bibbins, the Food Truck Mafia and the NHTA raised $6,669 during the spring months to help with the Measure H campaign.

Funds generated after the June election were routed to Logan clubs and associations.

Attendance, however, began to drop, sources said.

From June to November, the Tuesday events only generated enough for the Food Truck Mafia to donate $2,519 to the Logan choir department and $519 to the New Haven Boosters Association, Bibbins said.

Charmaine Banther, president of the NHTA, was appreciate of the Food Truck Mafia's efforts in supporting local educaiton.

“It was fabulous to have the trucks all summer long,” Banther said. “It brought a sense of community to Logan. It helped us raise money for Measure H and our schools.”

While the events have been postponed for now, Bibbins plans to return to Union City once the weather improves.

“We’re going to regroup and get more groups involved to make it bigger,” Bibbins said.

Food Truck Mafia events continue in Fremont on Wednesdays at the Niles Town Plaza, Thursdays at Washington High School and Fridays at the Mission Valley ROP campus. 


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BIG MOMMA November 15, 2012 at 09:00 PM
The main reason attendance was very low is because people wanted more variety, it gets stale fast if the only type is 90% Asian cuisine..... Take a good look at Off The Grid..... The rotation is way better and I know that when I approached April about a few times she seemed truely "Butthurt" at the suggestion of bringing different cuisine in..... I can only speak for my family but if there was a rotation that included less Asian and more variety like Spencer on the Go or Northern Ca NomNom or Kinders BBQ,even Sams Chowder House People would come!! And No Offense but Thats Sweet SUCKS!!! Their cupcakes are Dry as all hell!!! ...... Their are LOTS Of GREAT trucks out there, but April would not bring them in!!! Maybe they would not come because of April ..... Maybe someone else should be in charge of the rotation
Timothy Swenson November 15, 2012 at 09:35 PM
I did not support the food trucks at Logan because I felt that all of the funds should have gone toward the student and not be gambled away on the Measure H campaign. The end result was that 70% of the funds did not got toward education and only 30% went directly to the students. The students would have been better off if the $6,669 was spend on lottery scratch off tickets than the Measure H campaign.
Tim November 16, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Exactly, the vast majority of the money raised was flushed down the freggin toilet. Why is this a surprise? It's what most of us knew and were saying all along. I'm all for the money going to the choir, boosters, or other fund that goes directly to the students, but this was a damn piss poor decision from the beginning. Again, I would remind Zoneil that the article he linked to above (which he wrote) said in the headline that the money was "for New Haven"... you had to dive in and read further to see that it was going to the Teachers Union for their propaganda campaign against the taxpayers. So much for "fair and balanced" journalism.
Tim November 16, 2012 at 02:44 AM
"it gets stale fast " Well what do you expect from a roach coach? It's not a Five Star restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side!
BIG MOMMA November 16, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Hey Tim, if your going to quote me at least do so correctly! Your right it's not a 5 star, and yes I have eaten from your average roach coach. The point is MORE VARIETY !!!!!


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