San Ramon Valley Schools Among Highest Scoring in State on Annual Standardized Test

Bollinger Canyon and Twin Creeks schools in San Ramon and Los Cerros in Danville were among schools with the greatest gains.

San Ramon Valley schools showed gains in 2010 Academic Performance Index Growth scores, according to data released Monday by the California Department of Education.

The API measures and compares the academic performance and growth of schools on a variety of academic measures. The state goal for all schools is 800 on the API. The 2010 Growth API measures the amount of growth a school or district makes since the release of the previous Base API.

The overall 2010 API growth score for the district was 916, up three points from the 2009 API Base score of 913.

These results place the San Ramon Valley Unified School District as the seventh highest unified school district in the state and the highest among unified districts with more than 9,000 students.

"One of our goals is to completely eliminate our achievement gap, and we continue to make progress toward this goal" said Superintendent Steven Enoch. "What this data does is provide us with valuable information about how to address this gap so that each of our students are better prepared for the world that awaits them."

Statewide, 37 percent of all California schools are now at or above the overall statewide target API of 800.

The API is the cornerstone of the state's academic accountability requirements. The API is a numerical index (or scale) ranging from a low score of 200 to a high score of 1000. It reflects a school's or district's academic performance based on annual results of statewide testing at grades two through eleven. Each year, schools receive two API reports, the API Base (reported in March) and the API Growth (reported in September).

Highlights from the API reports

Elementary schools:

  • Bollinger Canyon and Twin Creeks in San Ramon showed the most growth with 21 and 16 points respectively over the previous year.
  • Hidden Hills in San Ramon had an API of 979, is the 24th highest among all 5,739 elementary schools in the state.

Middle schools:

  • Los Cerros in Danville increased by 29 points.
  • In San Ramon, Windemere Ranch Middle School's API score of 965 places the school as the 15th highest among the 1,353 middle schools in California.

High schools:

The district's comprehensive high schools are in the top 4 percent of all high schools statewide.

About specific groups of learners:

  • Students classified as "English Learners" (as a group) received the highest API score in the state.
  • The subgroups entitled "Socioeconomically Disadvantaged" and "Students with Disabilities" ranked fifth and sixth in the state respectively.

Specific 2010 Growth API numbers as compared to 2009:


Bollinger Canyon
2010: 939
2009: 918

Country Club
2010: 899
2009: 911

Coyote Creek
2010: 957
2009: 965

Golden View
2010: 926
2009: 940

Hidden Hills
2010: 979
2009: 974

Live Oak
2010: 963
2009: 964

2010: 925
2009: 927

Neil A. Armstrong
2010: 934
2009: 931

Quail Run
2010: 932
2009: 926

Twin Creeks
2010: 897
2009: 881

Walt Disney
2010: 927
2009: 917


Gale Ranch
2010: 927
2009: 935

Iron Horse
2010: 926
2009 918

Pine Valley
2010: 921
2009: 911

Windemere Ranch
2010: 965
2009: 947


2010: 870
2009: 879

Dougherty Valley
2010: 909
2009: 905

2010: 759
2009: 777


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