Remembering Cal High Teacher Randy Kinavey; Share Your Thoughts

One of Cal High's most popular teachers, Randy Kinavey, recently died. Share what impact he had on your life.

For decades, Randy Kinavey was a staple of the California High staff, touching the lives of thousands of students.

The extremely popular 9th and 11th grade english teacher recently died from complications with cancer on Sunday, the San Ramon Express reported. He was 62.

He was remembered by Express reporter Jessica Lipsky on Tuesday. She wrote:

Having been his student as both a freshman and junior, I am deeply saddened by the loss of the best teacher I've ever had and can easily see his indelible impact on both the student and staff population. I credit Kinavey with encouraging my passion for writing, teaching me how to take notes and developing my critical thinking skills. Ten years later, I still have notebooks full of writings from his classes.

On Patch, Jeanine Wainscott commented:

Mr. Kinavey passed away over the weekend. He will be remembered fondly by so many students. He was one of the most passionate teachers I ever had and I have so many great memories of his classes.

Two years ago, Patch profiled the distinguished teacher. We did the story because Kinavey received an award for excellence in education. You can read the full story here.

Tell us what you remember about Randy Kinavey? What made him such an effective teacher? How did he impact your life? Tell us in the comments section.


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