Is Bullying a Big Problem at Local Schools?

With bullying continuing to be a concern at local schools, Fallon Middle School is emphasizing the importance a safe, comfortable environment for all its students this week.

Bullying in the Tri-Valley has received a lot of local attention lately, with NBC Bay Area recently telling the story of David Schmitz, who was pushed in front of a car after school in Pleasanton two years ago.

(Related: You can read Patch's 2010 story on David by clicking this link)

Schools at all levels have stepped up their efforts to end bullying of students.

At Fallon Middle School in Dublin this week, they are having activities every day to raise awareness about bullying and making clear to students that it needs to end.

The week is being called "No Name-Calling Week" at Fallon. Students are writing kindness cards to each other and signing a pledge to not bully fellow students. On Wednesday, students and teachers were asked to wear all black to "Black Out Bullying."

Do you believe bullying in the Tri-Valley is a serious problem? Do you have ideas on how to end it? Are local school districts responding responsibly? Tell us in the comments section.

Anna Morris January 26, 2013 at 07:50 AM
At Mendenhall Middle School, one girl viciously bullied my sister for a year. My sister was psychologically tormented and blackmailed by the student for months on end before finally breaking down in tears and telling us how hopeless, worthless, and isolated she's been made to feel. It was extremely hard on our family and my sister and we had to seek outside help. When we contacted the principal, Susan Sambucetti, and arranged meetings with her on multiple occasions, she continually said little could be done on her part and wrote it off as not being that bad. To my knowledge, the girl received extremely minimal punishment (I think she had a few days of detention), and I'm not sure if her parents were ever even contacted. If anything, TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS need to be educated on how to properly deal with instances of bullying. The principal was EMBARRASSINGLY incompetent when dealing with this issue. My sister is now in high school and doing very well, but for many kids, it doesn't end like that. I am no longer in school, having graduated last year, and I saw few instances of bullying when i was in school, but the instances I did see were extreme and poorly dealt with, if not ignored entirely.
Shaira Leah Gomez January 26, 2013 at 08:48 AM
Thank you Michael Bartholomew.. Prevention can somehow make a difference..
eat bullies for breakfast January 27, 2013 at 09:45 AM
I train my daughter in martial arts to beat the f*** out of a bully
Lynette Jones-Murphy January 28, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Anna that is EXACTLY why we left Mendenhall! HORRID BULLYING happens at that school and nothing was and will be done there. They think they don't have a problem with bullying and the sad thing is its going to take a HUGE wake up call for this administration and school to see every school does. It is how we deal with it. My son has aspergers and went through horrific tormenting mentally and physically there which was all documented, brought to their attention and NOTHING was ever done. Once we realized just how ignorant and blinded MMS was we ran from there as fast as we could. CMS was drastically different and THANK God it was nothing like MMS. When parents ask me what middle school would I recommend CMS all the way :0)
Sherry McCreedy February 04, 2013 at 05:18 PM
I'm a mom and have taught in our local schools. I'd like to suggest Restorative Justice because it addresses power, accountability and support for everyone involved. Read about it here: Building Safe and Healthy School Communities: RJ and Responsive Regulation http://www.iirp.edu/iirpWebsites/web/uploads/article_pdfs/au05_morrison.pdf Restorative Justice, A Working Guide for Schools (includes SF Bay Area resources): http://acschoolhealth.org/Docs/Restorative-Justice-Paper.pdf For more, here's a Resources list I've put together: http://sherrymccreedy.weebly.com/resources.html <3


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