Enoch Drops Out of Running for Seattle Superintendent Job

Steve Enoch said in a letter to the Seattle school board members that the district needed someone younger.

Steve Enoch, San Ramon Valley Unified School District's current superintendent, is leaving June 30, 2012, after four years at the helm.

News broke recently that he wouldn't be out of the super business for long and it was reported that he was one of three finalists for a superintendent's job in the Seattle school system.

Well, that won't be happening now as he has pulled his name out of the hat.

Several Seattle news organizations published a letter he sent to the Seattle board of education explaining why he would no longer be available for the job.

Seattle Times, April 29:

"I have concluded that what Seattle needs is a younger person, potentially able to provide longer stability and direction for the district," wrote Enoch, who will turn 63 next month and had decided to retire before weighing the Seattle job. "I believe you have two very viable candidates that will better meet the long-term needs of the district."

The piece goes on to say that Enoch came to the decision to drop out based on conversations with his wife and personal reflection.

Enoch was hired as the SRVUSD July 1, 2008. He announced his retirement of March of this year. (.)

“There are many accomplishments for which we should all be extremely proud,” said . “Despite struggling with the most severe economic recession of our lives, we have not taken our eye off the ball as we have continued to address core academic skills and post-high school preparation with great success. Many of our classrooms do not look the same as they did four years ago and we can and should, take collective pride in this achievement.”


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