Divorce Attorney Mary Nolan Pleads Guilty to Wiretapping Car of Client's Husband

San Ramon divorce attorney Mary Nolan plead guilty to wire-tapping and evading taxes, but did not plead guilty to the conspiracy charge.

(BAY CITY NEWS SERVICES) -- A San Ramon divorce attorney pleaded guilty today to arranging to have a concealed listening device placed in the car of a client's husband in 2007.

Mary Nolan, 61, entered the plea before U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco. She also pleaded guilty to four counts of evading taxes by understating her income for the years 2005 though 2008.

Nolan will be sentenced by Breyer on Jan. 15.

She was originally accused in a federal grand jury indictment last year of total of six counts, including conspiring with former investigator Christopher Butler, of Concord, to wiretap the cars of her divorcing clients' husbands.

Nolan did not plead guilty to the conspiracy charge, however, but rather to one specific instance of unlawful interception of communications by hiring Butler to hide a listening device in the car of one client's spouse between Aug. 9 and Sept. 9, 2007.

Butler pleaded guilty earlier this year to seven felony charges, including wiretapping the same victim on the same dates.

Nolan is the last of five people to be convicted in federal court in connection with a Contra Costa County law enforcement scandal.

Butler and former narcotics squad commander Norman Wielsch were the leaders of a larger corruption scheme that included stealing and selling drug evidence, extortion and civil rights violations.

Nolan's defense attorney, Ted Cassman, said, "Mary's been an excellent attorney for 30 years. Along the way she made mistakes that she regrets."

Cassman said, "She is now striving to atone for her mistakes."

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Phyllis September 30, 2013 at 11:25 PM
She is the lowest form of human being there is. She made an easy $1500 adjustment in my child support jump to a $25,000 child custody case. Her client lost and she encouraged him to quit his job so I'd get $83 a month. And left the child in question in therapy with depression having been dragged through court for 3 years. I wouldn't doubt for a second that she bugged my car or house. She has not an ounce of personal integrity.
karma willgetu November 07, 2013 at 05:37 PM
She did the same to me too! My ex quit his job so I'd get nothing for child support. She would continue every hearing but never had the courtesy to call ahead of time. She'd make me show up with my attorney so I'd get stuck with high attorney fees. She loved going to trial...a short hearing always ended up a trial. If the judge asked how long she would need for the trial she'd say a couple hours but then it would be a couple days delaying the proceedings and racking up the fee's. She encouraged my ex husband to fight every little thing in court. Crazy stuff you'd never imagine. Tried to recuse the mediator, dropped us off healthcare, forced me to sell the home, tried to trick me into signing contracts with her at her office, and deposition after deposition. She had my ex hire a private investigator to follow me and I'm convinced my home and car were bugged. I was left with nothing and finally had to go pro per after filing bankruptcy. I'm sooo happy she is no longer practicing and I'll never have to see her face in court again.


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