Political Corruption Explained: Dems vs. GOP

By Jim Beller
By Jim Beller
Cartoon originally posted on Albany Patch by Jim Beller, community contributor, blogger: Jim Beller's Blog

Reading about the recent arrest of Leland Yee we are struck by the fine line between legal and illegal campaign contributions. Released recordings show the FBI informant insisting, "I want this (quid) forthat (quo)" while a hapless Leland protests, "No, no that would be illegal... but OK." 

Leland's voting record includes many instances of voting against the interests of San Francisco and his constituents after receiving last-minute contributions from effected industries. However, it seems that it is legal for a politician to take contributions in payment for votes that are consistent with their ideology. Good deal for the Republicans, whose ideology has been distilled down to "Rich people aren't rich enough." 

Which is the point I'm trying to make, however imperfectly, in the cartoon. My original idea was to have Donkey Dem advertising, "You have to BRIBE us to do what Republicans do for free!" 

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john m April 09, 2014 at 08:43 PM
Yes Nick I am quite confused. Our Gay friends were quite tolerant of the CEO of Mozilla's freedom to stand up to contrary beliefs. So let me ask you this, Why can a Liberal (demo..what ever) like HBO's Bill Maher use the c word for Sarah Palin and there was no backlash or what if a conservative said that about Nancy (bat crazy) Pelosi.... Hopefully you can take off the Liberal kookoo nest for a minute and see the double standard or I might say the tolerance/intolerance.
Pat April 10, 2014 at 12:23 AM
Nick, who is "we?" Isn't that painting with a broad brush? The only people who are intolerant are the very ones who whine about it all the time. I never thought I would agree with the likes of Bill Maher and Andrew Sullivan, but they actually have it right when they referred to the "Gay Mafia." They are nothing more than brown-shirt jackboot thugs whose credo is "our way or the highway." It's too bad the CEO of Mozilla was such a wimp and didn't stand up to these fascists. I was thrilled to see that Phil (Duck Dynasty) Robertson stood his ground and won the support of the majority of America -- and look how fast those TV executives changed their tune. This 'tyranny of the minority' is getting out of hand.
geordie April 10, 2014 at 04:18 AM
Wow, look at the right wing steaming in here. Missing the point too. The problem is there aren't any liberal politicians, they are all right wing fundamentalist no holds barred send the jobs to China conservatives. Conservative used to mean careful and forward thinking, now it means asset stripping and any way to make a buck is fine so long as nobody else makes anything. What a sad state of affairs when nobody thinks anyone else is worthy of support. Funny thing is these so called conservatives are usually the poor people, misled and rabid supporters of their abusers.
MadMonkey April 10, 2014 at 04:43 PM
How this turned into a gay agenda conversation I have no idea, but I will give my 2 cents since it seems people are missing a bit of perspective. It is a civil rights issue. Our constitution is supposed to protect the rights of all people, including minorities. If you substituted the word gay for black in any of your posts, how would it sound? Don't tell me it is any different because it is not at all. We are talking about the equal rights of a minority group, all people in our society should be free from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views. Were African Americans being intolerant when they "whined" that they were not allowed to do many things, including interracial marriage? It is no different, it is people's rights in this free country. People are allowed to have their views, but if they conflict with the basic core that our country was founded on, freedom and liberty for ALL, then yes, that person should be labeled as intolerant of others civil rights. I hope you can understand that it is on a completely different level than calling a politician a name. It is not a liberal, gay agenda, it is an American one and I will stand up for any group that is being oppressed in our country based on race or in this case sexual orientation.
Nadja Adolf April 13, 2014 at 02:42 AM
Can you tell me how in the world Mr. Yee's agreeing to smuggle in rocket launchers in for money was him doing something for free? Nothing like agreeing to help his buddies in the Phillipines raise money for their rebel army.


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