Measure D Vote Update: 'Yes' Contines to Lead

After another update by the Contra Costa Elections Division, the "yes" votes are still above the 55 percent threshold.

Update: 6 a.m. Friday

Another update Thursday night has slimmed the "yes" lead for Measure D.

Currently, 55.46 percent of the votes are in the "yes" column, with 43.54 percent against.

Measure D needs at least 55 percent of the votes to be "yes" for it to pass.


Nine days after the election, the final result of the $260 million San Ramon Valley school facilities bond still hasn't been determined.

But, after a vote update by the Contra Costa Elections Division on Wednesday, Measure D is still above the 55 percent threshold needed to pass.

As of now, the "yes" votes are at 55.62 percent, while the the 'no' votes are at 44.38 percent.

Those were the exact percentages from the last update, which came on Friday.

The new count adds 2,328 votes to the total. Currently, 30,222 votes have been counted as "yes" and 24,118 haven been counted as "no." The final vote count is expected by the end of the week.

On Election Night, the "yes" lead was even slimmer, with 55.19 percent in favor of the measure.

The $260 million bond is to pay for campus upgrades and improve technology in classrooms. In addition, the measure would address overcrowding issues at campuses in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Among the Measure D projects include:

  • Technology infrastructure improvements for 21st-century learning.
  • Additional classrooms/facilities to prevent overcrowding and better ensure that students can attend neighborhood schools.
  • Modernization of classrooms, science labs, facilities and sites to support instruction.
  • Energy efficiency and cost-saving improvements.
  • Fire, security and earthquake safety improvements.
  • Projects to keep schools/facilities/sites safe, clean and well-maintained.

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