Are You in Favor of More Smoking Restrictions in San Ramon?

The City Council is expected to consider an ordinance that will further restrict smoking in San Ramon. Let us know what you think.

The City of San Ramon is reaching out to the community to see how they feel about putting more restriction on smoking in the city.

On Open San Ramon, the city's online forum, they have asked residents what they think about a restricted smoking ordinance the City Council is expected to consider next year.

San Ramon already has an ordinance, passed in 1999, that greatly restricts indoor smoking. The new ordinance would put significant restrictions on outside smoking, to lower the risk of second-hand smoke.

For example, smoking won't be allowed in public parks or at community events.

The ordinance itself doesn't explicitly say where smoking is banned. Instead, it states where smoking would still be allowed. So, since the ordinance doesn't state that smoking in public parks is allowed, therefore it is banned.

If the ordinance is passed, these are the places smoking would still be allowed in San Ramon:

  1. Smoking inside a single family dwelling unit which is not licensed as a family day care facility and in the yard of such unit so long as any outside smoking is not within 25’ from any entrance, exit, operable window or air intake of a neighboring single family dwelling unit.
  2. Smoking inside a multi-family housing unit and in an unenclosed area designated for smoking by the owner or person/entity in control of the property but not on patios or balconies accessed from an individual unit or in common areas open to public access or to unrestricted common areas such as hallways.  The unenclosed designated smoking area must be at least 25’ from any individual unit and at least 25’ from unenclosed areas used by children or for physical activity such as swimming or tennis.  It must have a clearly marked perimeter and be identified by conspicuous signs.
  3. Smoking inside a personal vehicle not used for hire such as a taxi but only when there are no minors in the vehicle.
  4. Smoking on public sidewalks at locations not adjacent to a public or private park or school and not within 25’ from any entrance, exit, operable window or air intake opening of any building used for residential or commercial purposes.
  5. Smoking in privately owned unenclosed parking lots open to the public but not within 50’ of any commercial building served by the parking lot or within 25’ of buildings on adjacent properties.
  6. Smoking in workplace designated smoking areas but only to the extent preempted by and allowed under State law (California Labor Code section 6404.5).
  7. Smoking in privately owned enclosed facilities at private social events not open to the public such as wedding receptions but only to the extent allowed by the owner or person/entity in control of the property or facility and only in designated smoking areas conforming to the standards set forth in section 6404.5 of the California Labor Code.
  8. Smoking in designated rooms rented to guests in hotels and motels so long as the number of such rooms does not exceed 25% of the total rooms in the hotel or motel.
  9. Smoking on any outdoor area of golf courses but not within 25’ from any entrance, exit, operable window or air intake opening of the clubhouse or other building utilized by golfers, visitors or guests of the golf course.
  10. An Owner or person/entity in control of a property or facility for which an exemption is available under this section nonetheless may prohibit smoking on the property or in the facility for any reason.

Would you be in favor of these smoking restrictions in San Ramon? Let us know why or why not in the comments section.

You can also comment on the city website here.


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Michael December 01, 2012 at 07:05 AM
San Ramon is known for its breezes (Wind Festival?). These same breezes tend to disperse the carcinogens and aromas created by outdoor smokers.Do the same people who propose additional restrictions on people also propose to limit the carcinogenic risks of Diesel exhausts from trucks, buses and MERCEDES? Also let us make sure that if we are passing laws in regards to airborne odors and respiratory irritants that this ordinance also includes individuals wearing colognes and perfumes that maybe noxious and annoying at the least and a health danger to those allergic to such scents and those citizens with COPD. This Ordinance had also better consider the deliterious effects of Charcoal smoke from barbeques and wood smoke from fireplaces. These are documented as a danger to many respiratory conditions. Until we offer fair representation for all peoples needs, maybe we should not continue to persecute one group. Next then, eating high fat foods in public should be banned, as a bad example for our children in an obese oriented society. Of course we could enact NYC's ordinance prohibiting sugary drinks in excess of 16 ounces. Until the consumption of tobacco is made illegal, as perhaps it should be (Although the multi dollar tax per pack would be lost revenue), perhaps and ordinance should be passed to request that smokers and non-smokers alike show what used to be called "common" respect for their fellow man. Civility and respect, not persecution and divisiveness should be the rule.
tr December 01, 2012 at 07:11 AM
I love all of these people talking about their “right to breathe” and other such nonsense. How about my right to not be surrounded by incompetent morons? Where’s the ordinance for that? I suggest San Ramon be the first city to institute a stupidity ordinance. An ordinance that lists all of the places you are allowed to express your mentally defective tendencies, and the places you are not. You can be an imbecile as long as you are within a private domicile and not within view or earshot of the general public or neighbors. Idiocy can be expressed in public as long as you are not within 50 feet of an entryway to a private residence and not within sight of children under the age of 18. There is a 100-yard invisible boundary around all schools in the city. If any act of stupidity is committed within these bounds a hefty fine will be placed on the committer of these actions. Imagine how quickly we can clean up the streets. Our children will no longer be exposed to silliness, which has been proven, time and time again, to be a major cause for dimwittedness. Imagine the lives that could be saved!
Barbara Tahir December 01, 2012 at 08:00 AM
I am a non smoker and I happen to agree that if the city is holding an event or pays for the clean up of public areas then they should be able to say -- no smoking. Just on the grounds that the cigarette butts are so hard to get rid of. But part one of this proposal is ridiculous. It is just too difficult to regulate what people do in their own homes and yards. Where this type of ordinance was implemented previously it was a disaster -- neighbors reporting neighbors that they just did not like and swearing they "smelled smoke"; an overworked police force being required to go out to homes to regulate someone smoking who had finished their cigarette 20 minutes earlier; fights (actual physical fights) breaking out because "I smelled your smoke in my yard -- No you didn't because I wasn't even home" -- you get the picture. Take it easy on this one San Ramon. Before it was rescinded Montgomery County, Marryland was made to look like a laughingstock in front of the entire country. Late night comedians made jokes about it, radio hosts made jokes about it -- it was a mess. Just stop smoking for events you have a hand in paying for or anywhere that is public grounds (parks, community centers, etc.).
Concerned Citizen December 01, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Smokers, as a rule, are nicer, more tolerant, compassionate & accepting of others differences than these non-smokers who think they are holier than thou and should tell everyone around them how to behave. I agree, don't allow smoking at family events, don't allow heavy perfumes and obese people, or more importantly, obese people who drown themselves in perfume. Make it illegal to have a fire in a fireplace, ban backyard barbeques and absolutely end buses and trucks on 680 where residents of San Ramon can "smell" the exhaust fumes. Come on, the decision makers in San Ramon, use your time, energy and resources on something that will benefit everyone. We are all tax payers.
KML December 03, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Steve, we no there will be no increased taxes and no one will be enforcing. That's the point! Why are city employees spend time (which we are paying for with tax dollars) on such a ridiculous project. Find something meaningful to do or perhaps reduce staff!


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