'Hummer Mom' Sex Offender Arrested on Parole Violation

Christine Hubbs, who was recently released from prison after a five-year sentence for sexual relationships she had with two teenage boys, was arrested on a parole violation.

11:05 a.m. Tuesday update — The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said a parole officer arrested Hubbs for possession of pornography, according to a report by KPIX.

Christine Hubbs, a woman who attracted national media attention after she gave a TV interview about her affair with a teen boy, is back behind bars.

The former Livermore resident, who recently served a five-year sentence in prison for sexual relationships she had with two teenage boys, was arrested Friday in Hayward on suspicion of a felony parole violation, according to court records.

Details on her recent release from prison and her parole violation were not immediately available.

Hubbs, 44, got the nickname "Hummer mom" because of the vehicle she drove around — sometimes with her victims accompanying her. She's being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin with no bail, according to court records.

In March 2011, Hubbs was sentenced to five years in prison on four felony counts relating to sexual relationships with a pair of teenage boys. She was required to serve half the sentencing as part of a plea deal, which included three to 10 years of probation.

The deal also called for her to register as a lifetime sex offender.

Patch will update this story as more information is made available.

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Wendy Grant February 25, 2013 at 06:56 PM
Why don't you all think of HER KIDS, 3 innocent kids, who probably read the patch. Christine's kids or other family members don't deserve to read all this (*(*&*%^^&%, they have gone through enough. If you think you know ALL the facts first hand, by all means comment If you don't, keep your speculations to yourself. ALSO, the legal system does not have to inform anybody, but the victims when a person is finished serving their sentence. With all the kids involved in this case, a public forum is not the place, especially when her children and other kids can read this. @sandra, you are right, they do not live in Livermore anymore. Everybody is responsible for their own actions, and the consequences that go along with them. I'll just wait for my public bashing. LOL. It really seems on patch that is all that happens in the comments.
Friendlywitch February 28, 2013 at 08:51 AM
Mike S please just get off the patch if you want to bash the editor. Livermore Vigalante I'm just glad she wasn't around when my stepson was visiting in town!Carrie Goodman, I can't imagine getting ALL THE INFORMATION CORRECT AND TIMELY is easy.Hummer Mom's kids, if you are reading this, STOP, you have been through enough without hearing idiots like me who don't really know it all spouting off like we do. We are judging only on the facts we are given and don't have to really deal with any repercussion. It is prudent you never read or listen to anything ever again in regards to your mother in the media. jake3_14, what?? Girls mature before boys. Just saying, might want to look that up. LivermoreMomof2 had a hard time too in our neighborhood with bad girls and boys, I am happy for you that they have moved. Wish ours would. Becky, I like that idea! Kathy Edmunds-Parker WELL SAID! Jay Whitmire I'm sorry but it seems you are maybe "excusing" a bit the criminals who prey on the young as not a choice and COMPARING IT TO NOT HAVING THE CHOICE OF BEING GAY! I'm sorry but that just doesn't seem ok to me. Wendy Grant, defending her & telling others not to voice opinions is idiotic. "A public forum is not the place" but you rant all over it yourself about things you don't know about. Aren't you the lady who drives drunk all these years breaking laws like your Hummer friend, you have a lot of young friends too? Probably should keep a lower profile.
vicki March 13, 2013 at 10:03 PM
I think the editor we have delivers quality all the time.
vicki March 13, 2013 at 10:06 PM
I read that she is banned from the City of Livermore. I have friends that were neighbors (only) with the Hubbs say their house sold just two months ago.
vicki March 13, 2013 at 10:09 PM
@ Megan & Betsy - I 2nd that!


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