Positive Budget Outlook for San Ramon Valley Fire District Budget

Fire Chief Paige Meyer is pleased with the district's financial progress for the current budget year.

The District’s service area serves a population of 170,000.
The District’s service area serves a population of 170,000.


As the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District prepares to enter into the second half of their budget year, the District is poised to begin a full recovery.

“For the first time in four years, the District finally has some financial breathing room,” said Fire Chief Page Meyer. “I attribute this to a combination of measures, including reduced capital spending, lower overhead costs, an improving economy but most importantly the employee’s commitment to the financial health of our District and its future.”

In June of 2013 District employees agreed to a number of significant cost saving provisions including pay reductions and increased personal contributions to employee medical and retirement.

These reductions in payroll costs, along with a rebound in property values have put the District in a more financially sustainable position.

“General Fund revenue is projected to exceed budget this fiscal year by approximately $3.5 million,” reports Financial Consultant Ken Campo.  “Additionally, General Fund spending is tracking lower than budget at mid-year."

The District now projects adding $4 million to the fund balance at fiscal year end.

“One of my biggest priorities when I took the position of Fire Chief, a little under a year ago, was to put the District in a position where it could begin building back reserves,” said Fire Chief Paige Meyer.  “I am pleased that we are making progress toward achieving this goal in 2014, but we still have work ahead.”

An in-depth report of the financial health of the District will be presented during the mid-year budget review at the Fire District’s regular Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at 7 p.m.  The meeting is held at the District’s administrative office located at 1500 Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon.

A full report by Financial Consultant, Ken Campo is included in the January 22, 2014 Board Packet that is available for download at www.firedepartment.org/board.



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