Triumph Over Tragedy: Savoring Life's Moments

Another year, another year cancer free.

On July 25, my husband and I went to UCSF in San Francisco for the always-nerve-racking annual MRI to see if Dan’s brain tumor had returned.

Each year, as this appointment looms, I get jittery inside wondering and waiting for his doctor, Dr. Susan Chang, to give us the all clear on any tumor return.

Thankfully, as soon as she breathed those words at this visit, my mood lightened and I thought to myself, ‘"Life is good and continues to be good!" It made me realize, once again, how truly blessed my family is. Yes, my husband had a brain tumor six years ago and it is and always will be a big part of all of our lives. However, this does not define who he is or who we are as a family. 

What it does, in fact, is teach us that life is made up of many moments. It’s our job to savor those moments. In this technology driven age when so many of us are going, going, going, that is hard to do. Taking business calls, talking to friends on cell phones, texting, using your mobile digital device keep us all busy, yet sometimes we must put those things to rest and focus solely on our family.

Case in point for us was just yesterday. I took two of my three sons roller-skating for the very first time. We went to in San Ramon and even got the old-school roller skates — no roller blades for us. My six-year-old, Aiden, one of my eight year old twins, Jack, and I, donned our skates. I have to confess that I think I had more fun skating than they did! I skated for more than an hour and a half, without taking a break once

Sometimes I skated with Aiden and sometimes with Jack, and other times I found myself alone on the rink while my children rested their feet. I was having too much fun to stop! I had a smile on my face the whole time, and thought back to all the childhood birthday parties I had at the roller rink. Talk about good, clean, old-fashion fun!

I was experiencing this skating first with my own children and skating again myself for the first time in at least 25 years. I was a speed-demon out there and so were Aiden and Jack!

Later this week, I will take my children ice-skating, another activity we have grown to love over the last year. Again, I will go on the ice and enjoy some side-by-side skating time with all three of my boys.

Yes, there are so many other things I could be doing. I am running not one, but two school auctions this year, getting ready to go back to work teaching first grade, and have a million things on my “to-do” list. However, I am finding more and more that there is no place I’d rather be than right where I am — in the moment! Life is about experiences and memories, and I am making them!


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Sherry Rosso August 16, 2012 at 07:52 PM
If you want something done, ask a busy person, or so the saying goes. But it's not just about busy-ness, its about building experiences. I so agree with you. There are times to give your time, and times to pull back on giving. You do have to find your own balance between family time, work, and volunteering. But you find that the more you give to your family and the people in your life, the more energy you have for activities, trying new things, new experiences. Its a fulfilling cycle.
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