Discard Your E-Waste Responsibly

Set up your own electronic waste collection event and provide a great service to the community.

Last week I informed you on San Ramon Patch that a free electronics recycling event took place over the weekend. On Sunday, I pulled into the Safeway parking lot off of San Ramon Valley Boulevard and found a great opportunity to recycle my electronics safely, quickly, easily and best of all, it was free.

This event sure made my electronics recycling an easy experience.  According to the flyer I found about the event, some items were not accepted.   These items included light bulbs and batteries. They also would not accept mercury switches and large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. 

These particular items are not considered electronics and much more goes into recycling these items and a cost is usually associated with the disposal. Either way, I was overjoyed to drop off my computer and speakers without feeling like I was hurting the environment.

The organization that put on this free event for the community of San Ramon is known as Hi-Tec Recycling. Hi-Tec Recycling serves the San Francisco Bay Area with e-waste recycling and data wiping services. Before I dropped off my old computer, I deleted all old files, removed software applications and physically removed the hard drive to ensure my data would not be circulating to someone else. 

For a fee, Hi-Tec Recycling and many other organizations will wipe your data for you. But with a vacant drop-off zone for you old electronics and no attendant on-site, you cannot be assured your data is properly removed. For this service, you will want to contact the e-waste recycling service directly for details. 

Because your electronics may still be in working condition, the recycling also turns into a re-furbishing act. If the parts are able to be re-used, they will be. This is all part of the e-waste process. 

If you missed this free e-waste event, Hi-Tec Recycling offers other options including additional free events posted on their website and pick up for a fee. As an IT Assistant, I have put on several e-waste events simply by contacting companies like Hi-Tec that offer this great service. 

Share this information with your place of work and other organizations including your community schools. E-waste events turn into a great opportunity for the community and a wonderful learning experience for students. 

This e-waste event was brought to you by Hi-Tec Recycling, contact them for more information about setting up your own event and let's clean things up. Want more information, call 800-981-9019.

Local business eWaste Direct also offers to pick up your unwanted electronics, for free. .


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