Are we so far from 1968?

Have we learned from history or are we repeating it?

Are we so far from 1968 politically?

Is there rioting in the streets? Is there total contempt for Law Enforcement? Is there equal contempt for the current administration and almost every other branch of our U.S. Government? Not so far indeed.

Are we still having murders occur on our nations school premises? Are people still protesting wars the United States is currently involved in?

Is this country still as polarized as it was in the late 1960's and early 70's?

I recall watching not long ago the people of Greece battling the police in the streets and thinking, "It won't be long until it starts happening here!" Economics effects everyone.

The next thing you know we had "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York which spread to so many cities so fast like a wild fire in high winds.

These protests sparked a plethora of news media coverage on vandalism, confrontation with law enforcement and arrests.

It brought back memories of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. It was a time of protesting the Vietnanam War. Chicago's Mayor Daley intended to show off the city's achievements to National Democrats and the news media. Instead, he got a riot.

There came a large amount of demonstrators and an equally large amount of law enforcement clashing in the streets. The Illinois National Guard were also called in. Dan Rather and the late Mike Wallace were roughed up in the chaos.

Arrests ensued...people were beaten, and nothing was solved. It appears we're right back where we started. The rioting, wars, beatings, arrests, and ah yes, the polarization of over 300 million Americans still exists. Or am I being negative?

So with the next GOP Primary almost definitely going to Romney, who will battle Obama for the most powerful post in this United States, win or lose for either side, what will change? To me, it appears we haven't learned from history. We have been doomed to repeat it over and over again.

Will there ever be a time when a candidate will do what's best for the people of this great country? Will there ever come a time when our government will put our country first instead of party?

I sincerely invite your insight.


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