San Ramon Valley School's 'Teen Esteem' Program Receives Local Grants

Together with local schools, Teen Esteem reached 8,000 students last year.

Photo from the 'Teen Esteem' website.
Photo from the 'Teen Esteem' website.

Teen Esteem received two grants recently to expand its multi-media 'Your Choice! Assembly' for the San Ramon Valley School District.

The Diablo Country Club Foundation awarded $4,000 and the Blackhawk Women’s Tennis Association gave $2,000 of the proceeds from their Fall Invitational Tournament. 

Teen Esteem will utilize these gifts to offer the assembly to all four high schools in the San Ramon Valley school district at a reduced rate over the next two years.

The assembly will reach between 8,000-12,000 students and their parents with 
positive messages reinforcing the 9th courageous, healthy choices guided by respect for self and others.

Teen Esteem pursues its mission of equipping youth and parents with tools and information necessary for youth to be better prepared to make healthy decisions during the turbulent adolescent years.

Trained, volunteer speakers encourage students to think about the impact of their choices and address the dangers of prescription drug abuse, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, drugs, and potential risks associated with sexual activity. Teen Esteem is making an impact by equipping youth to make courageous, healthy choices guided by respect for self and others, and has been doing so since 1994.

Resources for parents and students are available at www.teenesteem.com

Stay in touch with Teen Esteem by becoming a friend on Facebook. If you would like to  volunteer or request a presentation, please email: info@teenesteem.com.

For more information, contact Teen Esteem at 925-855-9941 or www.teenesteem.com.
CMNSENSE December 14, 2013 at 12:08 PM
This is great! Was at a fundraiser recently to raise awareness for prescription drugs and astounded at the drug use in SRV and Monte Vista….knew it happened but this was eye opening.


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