Medal of Valor Awarded to Sergeant in Norris Canyon Shooting

Retired Sergeant Gary Clark immediately ran to the victim's aid and shielded him with his own body.

Sheriff David O. Livingston, Sgt. Gary Clark and Captain Steve Warne. Photo courtesy Contra Costa Sheriff's Office
Sheriff David O. Livingston, Sgt. Gary Clark and Captain Steve Warne. Photo courtesy Contra Costa Sheriff's Office

Retired Sergeant Gary Clark was awarded the silver medal of valor by the 
Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office for his exceptional work during the Norris Canyon standoff in September.

Sergeant Clark, who was working as a per diem Deputy Sheriff in the Civil Unit for Contra Costa on Sept. 18, distinguished himself when he facilitated the rescue of a gunshot victim during a lawful eviction at a residence in San Ramon. 

Also recognized at the ceremony was the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, and resident Heidi Eder, who helped house the shooting victim during the stand-off with police that lasted nearly four hours.

Sergeant Clark and retired Deputy Stephanie Brown, following the civil process protocol, met with a real estate agent, locksmith and the locksmith’s supervisor prior to contacting any potential residents in the house.

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Sergeant Clark attempted to contact the resident for several minutes. Receiving no response, Sergeant Clark then instructed the locksmith to open the lock. As the locksmith began to drill the lock, a single gunshot rang out from inside the house.

The locksmith’s supervisor, who was standing in the front yard, was shot in his inner thigh and was losing a substantial amount of blood.

Sergeant Clark immediately ran to the victim’s aid and shielded him with his own body until he was able to get him to a safe position of cover. With the suspect still in the house, Sergeant Clark risked his own safety to save the life of the victim.

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Twice, he ran past the line of fire up a hill to get a gurney from a staged ambulance, and then again, when he pushed the gurney with the victim back up the hill to the waiting ambulance.

The alleged shooter, Michael Ghoneim, 42, is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 20.


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