Schubros Launches Recycling Campaign (and you could save $1)

The recycling tag as it appears on 22 oz. Schubros bottles.
The recycling tag as it appears on 22 oz. Schubros bottles.

Schubros Brewery launched the "Save Dollar; Save World" campaign last week to help solve the problem of too many glass bottles ending up in the waste stream. 

When customers buy Schubros' craft beers at retail locations in 22oz and 750ml bottles and return the empties to the San Ramon brewery, they will receive a $1 discount off any beer (or piece of merchandise) that they purchase at the Alcosta Boulevard taproom. 

A hangtag looped around their bottles' neck in stores outlines the process. 

“The inspiration was environmental; the implementation and structuring of the deal was logical,” explains Ian Schuster, President of Schubros Brewery. 

“I was hiking a Yosemite trail, and came across a pile of maybe a dozen discarded beer bottles. It was ugly and dangerous. Two of them were even ours, which really hit home. I didn’t like being part of the problem,” he said. 

Currently, only a fraction of all glass -- especially from bottles -- gets recycled. Redemption facilities are limited in location, and can't offer enough of an incentive to persuade the broader population to collect empties, and then shuttle them down there during a few narrow time windows. 

Fortunately, a large group of consumers recycle their bottles through home garbage collection programs. However a large portion of the bottles simply become litter or find their ways into landfills. 

 “I hate to sound like a consultant,” explains Schuster, "But, from a home-finance and a business angle, this is a pretty obvious win-win. The consumer ultimately saves a dollar, and the retailer runs a promotion without sacrificing a dime or having to do anything in their systems. For us, at the cost of just a forgone dollar in the taproom, we improve recycling and either help out a loyal supporter or get to meet someone new face-to-face.” 

The "Save Dollar; Save World" campaign represents a new model that Schubros hopes other small manufacturers with retail and wholesale components will jump to adopt. 

“First off, it's the right thing to do," adds Schuster. "Second, this is where our advantage as a small, local business comes to show. Big guys may beat us on price. But we're able to fight back with our approachability, and add value in a more personal way.” 

About Schubros Brewery 
San Ramon-based Schubros Brewery was founded in 2011 by four beer and food industry veterans who, together, possess nearly 50 years of industry experience. Striving to elevate beer enjoyment to the highest level, Schubros believes in creating the ultimate epicurean experience through its purposefully reciped beers. The brewery is guided by three core values: community, responsibility and quality, and donates 1% of its Core 4 beer sales to charitable causes. For more information about Schubros Brewery and its management and values, please visit www.schubrosbrewery.com(http://schubrosbrewery.com/) or call (925) 327-0700.
L C January 22, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Nice idea for a nice company ! Like your beer and hope you guys grow bigger in San Ramon soon !


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