Ribbon-Cutting: New Emergency Wing at San Ramon Regional Medical Center

San Ramon Chamber of Commerce helps with ribbon cutting at the San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

San Ramon residents can rest assured. The community is a safer place.

My bursts of episodic housework have always threatened to result in a hazardous, cleaning product combination. But now, there is a resource to isolate me from the innocent – the negative-pressure isolation room at the San Ramon Regional Emergency Department.

The San Ramon Chamber of Commerce helped at the April 11 ribbon cutting, unveiling the expanded emergency department at the San Ramon Regional Medical Center. Several Chamber Ambassadors and members attended to recognize the hospital, and our chamber colleague and Board member, Sandra Sanfilippo Ryan, Marketing Manager at San Ramon Regional.

Sandra pulled off the coup of the evening by keeping 11 speakers on script, and close to the allotted 30 minutes scheduled for pre-ribbon cutting. At the conclusion of the speeches, , Chamber President and CEO, wielded the ceremonial ribbon cutting scissors and supporting red ribbon. Though in the right place should an accident occur, the ceremonial scissors could hardly inflict a paper cut.

The 8,900-square-foot expansion adds 66 percent more emergency room beds. In addition to the negative-pressure isolation room, the new ER features:

 – Private treatment rooms

 – A specialized two-bed trauma room for higher risk cases requiring more staff intervention (accidents, heart attacks, and strokes)

 – Orthopedic and obstetrics/gynecological rooms, to address the needs of average aged patients and the numerous sports injuries treated at the ER.

Representatives from city, county, state and congressional offices attended to help Gary Sloan, CEO of San Ramon Regional, congratulate the project team for the completion on-time and on-budget.

Tenet Healthcare (owners of the medical center) funded the expansion. The building was designed by Architects Cuschieri Horton, and built by Harbison-Mahony-Higgins.

The Regional Medical Center opened in 1990, and is a charter member of the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce (member since 1983).

In addition to the expanded ER, The San Ramon Regional Medical Center has also launched an Internet service to lessen the pain of visits to the ER. Using InQuickER – available through www.OurSanRamonHospital.com – patients can now sign up online for emergency room services (non-life threatening conditions).

There is a $9.99 charge to sign up for InQuickER. You can now hold a place at the ER, and arrive at the projected treatment time with the guarantee your wait will not exceed 15 minutes.

Congratulations to the San Ramon Regional Medical Center on the completion of their Emergency Room expansion, and thank you for the service you provide to our community.


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