Not So Lucky: Supermarket Set to Close

The Lucky's that has served San Ramon for 33 years is closing in September.

Lucky's at Crow Canyon Place in San Ramon.
Lucky's at Crow Canyon Place in San Ramon.
The Lucky's Supermarket at Crow Canyon Place in San Ramon announced earlier this week that the'll be permanently closing their doors in September.

The grocery store has served the city for over 30 years, opening in 1980. After contacting the company, a representative said there was no explanation given in regard to the store's closure.

The date is set for Sept. 28.

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The announcement sent to the store employees from the corporation explained the company was "consulting and reviewing stores" before deciding on the location's closure.

How does this store closure affect you? Have you been shopping at this grocery store since 1980? Leave your thoughts in a comment.
Janice P Ellis August 24, 2013 at 10:59 AM
Another Trader Joe's fan here! It would be wonderful to see TJ's at this location, but, they apparently keep saying San Ramon doesn't have any locations they're interested in. Given the average square footage of their stores, this outgoing Lucky's location is probably far too big for TJ's.
caltams August 24, 2013 at 01:33 PM
Rumor on the street is that a Sprouts will be going into this location. It is too large a space for a TJ's (sadly).
Barbara Tahir August 24, 2013 at 05:24 PM
I did not often shop in this store and after my last experience I would never shop there again. I found a product with a coupon attached to it. I took it to the cashier and removed the coupon so she could scan it. First she told me that the coupon would only be good for a future purchase and then she told me it didn't matter anyway since the coupon was expired. First of all I am no spring chicken and have been using coupons since I got married 40 years ago. There is no way that a coupon on a product is only for future purchases and if I was buying the product to get a discount on a future purchase how could I when the coupon was expiried. If the coupon was expired, why was the product still on the shelf. Then she called the manager over so the manager could confirm what she said. Then they were both upset when I said I no longer wanted the product. After I went straight to another Lucky (the one on Danville Blvd. and Sycamore Valley). I asked them if coupons on products are only for future purchases -- they said of course not! I also asked what they would do if I found a product with an expired coupon. The manager said he would probably honor the coupon! But he also said he tries really hard to make sure there are no products on his shelves with expired coupons! Lack of customer service is why Crow Canyon is closing!
SFMetalhead August 27, 2013 at 01:39 PM
The Crow Canyon Commons and the SR Marketplace are tough areas to make a go of it due to high rents. Lucky's has a huge space but the place is definitely outdated. Not sure what would work here. Several businesses are doing very well (The Habit Burger is a good one) but who really knows.
SFMetalhead September 04, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Just saw that Panda Express is moving into Crow Canyon Commons into the old sun/spa space next to Jamba Juice. Also, the Lucky's is definitely in shut down mode - went in on Saturday and 10% of the merchandise was gone with no re-stocking occurring. A sad image for sure.


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