Park of the Week: Valley View Park

Come for the view, stay for the setting.

San Ramon has a whopping 54 parks spread throughout the community, ranging from small neighborhood playgrounds to multiacre, multi-feature parks.

Each week, we'll be highlighting one of our city parks, showing you photos, listing park features and telling you what's special about it. We have so many parks that it will take Patch more than a year to profile each one. So, if you have a special park you'd like featured next, let us know.

Park of the Week: Valley View Park

Valley View Park can be an outdoor retreat even on these grey, foggy days. Located on the corner of Monarch Road and Star Jasmine Drive, the four acres of green fields and an assortment of features give the park something for both young and old.

Athletes may gravitate to Valley View’s far side where you’ll find a fenced off clay tennis court and a full-sized baseball diamond outfitted with benches and bleachers for the onlookers.

In front of these sporting grounds and taking up a good chunk of the park land is the soccer field. Grassy lawns are mowed for dribbling and passing, but are also suitable for tossing a frisbee or setting up a picnic spread.

For a more formal affair (or if you just prefer to avoid the grass stains) you can rent out the park's picnic area. Several tables and benches rest under shade structure.

Next to the picnic spot and parking lot are two playground areas, one for older kids and one for the toddlers. The playgrounds include swings, slides and towers. Bathrooms are located between the shaded picnic area and the playgrounds.


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